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"With just under one year until the 2020 election, this ratings outlets places Rep. Scott Perry (R-York) on their most vulnerable incumbent list. 

"On Monday, Roll Call placed the Republican representing Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District as the 10th most vulnerable House incumbent seeking reelection in 2020. He is the lone Pennsylvania Congressman on the top ten list released this week. 

"The article cites the his district being redrawn, placing the conservative Republican in the House Freedom Caucus in a less GOP friendly seat, and narrowly winning reelection last year."

It would take whole a team of surgeons to implant a spine in U.S. Rep. Scott Perry.

This past week, the Carroll Township Republican flanked his mentor and House Freedom Caucus sibyl Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, as Jordan defended President Donald Trump's decision to abandon the Kurds in northern Syria. The move ensured a Turkish incursion into the region and a humanitarian crisis.

Days later, Perry offered a ham-fisted defense of the president's willingness to burn an ally and tacitly endorse ethnic cleansing.

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 6.16.22 PM.png

In Hotline's first House-race ranking of the 2020 cycle, we spell out the 20 seats most likely to change party hands based on an analysis of candidate recruitment, fundraising, demographics, private and public polling, and interviews with top party strategists.  Read more...

Perry in his tweet reiterated some of the sentiments expressed Monday by President Donald Trump, who laid the blame on the latest pair of mass shootings on the country’s failure to address mental health issues. "Perry, who has received near-perfect ratings from the National Rifle Association since being elected to Congress in 2012, has consistently had a strong pro-gun record. He has opposed major efforts to reform gun laws, even those that would have addressed mental health issues.  Read more...

After more than 2 years, Scott Perry announced a town hall on Wednesday, July 24th, to be held at a small fire hall in Hummelstown, PA. Tickets "sold out" within 10 minutes of the email and facebook post going public. The four Indivisible groups of the 10th District issued a formal request for a venue change to allow for greater attendance, which was dismissed. Capital Region Indivisible, Hershey Indivisible Team, Indivisible York, and Cumberland Valley Rising joined together to picket the event, which had only 50+ ticketed attendees in a hall that accommodates 200, to be allowed into the event to ask questions of their district representative.

Read the coverage on our News page. Watch the coverage at the links below:

Watch Scott Perry's interview on WPMT Fox43's Capital Beat with Matt Maisel about the town hall.

PennLive's video of the protest outside the firehall.


A full video of the town hall can be viewed at CBS WHP21's public facebook video archive.

Appearing on former Trump official and noted racist/alt-right Sebastian Gorka's radio show, Perry reiterated his attacks on Democrats for condemning Trump's racist tweets, and characterized Trump as “a phoenix from the fire came as a message from the Lord himself.” 

After defending Trump's position on acception foreign help to get elected, Scott Perry votes against a bill that protects election security.  

“I think he’s being honest. I think any campaign if they’re offered information about their opponent, they’re going to be interested in taking it. The question is what do you do with it, what is the nature of the information, what is the nature of the intent of the person who’s providing the information?,” asserted Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa.  

"The House passed a long-delayed aid bill on Monday that will send $19.1 billion to states and territories hit by flooding, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters in recent months.The legislation passed by a wide bipartisan margin, 354 to 58, and now goes to President Trump.  

"The approval of the Climate Action Now Act also constitutes the first time in nearly a decade that a major piece of legislation focused on addressing climate change has passed the lower chamber. That’s despite the warnings from climate scientists over that period about the perils of inaction when it comes to reducing climate-warming emissions.  

Three House Republicans — Andy Barr (KY), Ted Budd (NC), and Scott Perry (PA) — voted against Thursday’s measure, even though they’ve vowed to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Perry has voted to repeal it five different times.

Scott Perry again voted in opposition to the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. All PA GOP reps voted with the NRA, except for PA-1's Brian Fitzpatrick.


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An updating tally for the 116th Congress from Nate Silver's 538 of what percent of the time Rep. Scott Perry casts legislative votes in agreement with the president.


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state and local news

The state House voted Wednesday to eliminate a cash assistance program for adults with disabilities, those in treatment for addiction, and people fleeing domestic violence.

The 106-95 vote came after more than a hour of impassioned pleas from Democrats and at-times angry rebuttals from Republicans, who took offense to the framing of the debate.

“I know my colleagues care,” said Rep. Greg Rothman, R-Cumberland, after listing off existing benefits programs like food stamps and heating assistance. “This is about accountability.”

Several Democrats, including Rep. Matt Bradford, D-Montgomery, said they would welcome proposals from Republicans to prevent fraud and misuse of the program.

“No, this isn’t accountability,” Bradford, Democratic chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee, said. “This is cruel.” Read more ...

Republican lawmakers are refusing to commit to the millions of dollars sought by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf to back up his demand that Pennsylvania's counties buttress election security by replacing their voting machines before 2020's presidential elections.  Read more ...

It’s seemingly a legislative unicorn — a bipartisan solution that costs no extra state dollars and could save Pennsylvanians big bucks.That’s how Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and leadership from both parties have portrayed a bill signed into law Tuesday to create a state health insurance exchange, modeled after the federal exchange created by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Read more ...

In the wake of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio that left at least 29 people dead, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf calls for increased gun restrictions and targeting white nationalism. Senators Casey and Toomey call for federal legislative action. Scott Perry offered prayers without proposing any changes to gun laws.  Read more...

Local GOP leaders have cited concern about Rothman’s conduct and the potential fallout from it, particularly Rothman’s use of county campaign funds to have the committee rent a headquarters office in a building that he partially owns.

"Rothman, who was recently named chair of the state House Republican Campaign Committee, has also come under scrutiny for focusing the county committee’s 2019 election efforts almost exclusively on Silver Spring Township’s municipal races, where Rothman has business interests. 

Read more ...

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